The project is carefully designed to ensure that the wider public will benefit from the research. First, the proposed programme of community engagement will ensure the dissemination of findings among the immediate user groups. This chiefly includes members of British and German expatriate communities in the Asian sites of study. These communities will benefit from the research as details on association activities and networking processes will offer them a new perspective on their immediate life experiences.

Activities are taking place alongside research and concentrate on engagement with the immediate research users. While this is ongoing, initial outcomes from this are already available. This includes the co-produced history of the St Andrew's Ball in Hong Kong. To this day the ball brings together Scottish expats in the city. Launched at the 2015 St Andrew's Ball, with history was co-produced with the current Chieftain of the St Andrew's Society, and will, in online and published form, continue to enhance the Society members' understanding of their Society's and the Ball's history.