• Making Home in a Sojourner World

    Ethnic networks and associations were and remain key characteristics of migrant communities around the world. Yet while the activities of British groups have been explored in a number of sites, little has been said about British ethnic associational activities in Asia. This article seeks to address the existing void and geographical imbalance, exploring how the British ‘made home’ in Asia, using Singapore as a case study. 

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    Photo: Cavenagh Bridge, Singapore, c1880s © Royal Commonwealth Society Library, Cambridge University
  • Ethnic Associations: A Historical Perspective

    There has been a long tradition of ethnic associationalism among migrants. The Scots were at the helm of developments, establishing the first ethnic association abroad when setting up the Scots' Charitable Society in Boston in the late 17th century. Other migrant groups followed suit quickly, and ethnic associations began to proliferate all over the world.

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    Photo: Club Germania © HK Memory
  • St Andrew's Balls in Hong Kong: A Short History

    This short ebook explores the history of St Andrew’s Balls in Hong Kong from their first emergence in the mid-nineteenth century to the 1920. It has been co—produced with members of the Hong Kong St Andrew's Society as part of work for the European, Ethnic and Expatriate project.

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    Photo: Hong Kong St Andrew's Ball, 1886; published in The Graphic, 26 February 1887